Book by
Barbara Gloudon

Directed by
Yvonne Jones-Brewster

Lyrics by
Barbara Gloudon

Music by
Peter Ashbourne

Movement by
Rex Nettleford

Set & Costumes by
Laura Facey

Props by
Emma Crooks

Lighting by
George Carter



The Story
The WitchAn air of excitement hangs over Rose Hall, Annie has just married another husband. But he won't last long - much like the other husbands before him. The slaves are more concerned with trying to get their freedom. Led by the angry young slave Kalambe, he pushes his mother, Coobah to get headman to join them in their uprising.

Strange things are happening at Rosehall and everyone is afraid of Annie and her mystical black cat. Annie, however gets her comeuppance at the hands of the slaves and things at the Great House go back to a relative calm.

Cast of Characters
Coobah: Louise Bennett/ Winsome Samms
Annie: Lois Kelly-Barrow/ Leonie Forbes
Headman: Ranny Williams/ Oliver Samuels
Kalambe: Oliver Samuels/ John Francis
Yolande: Barbara McCalla/ Sabrina Williams
Jane: Inez Hibbert
Taatah: Fitz Weir
The Cat: Patsy Ricketts
Custos: Val Morris
Custos Wife: Peggy Carley/ Adelita Colfelt
Albert: Andy Rashleigh/ Bobb Kerr
Bishop: Stan Irons

In supporting roles: Jennie Goffe, Dorothy Cunningham, Martha Thompson, Sonya Francis, Jean Rhone, Lola Hamilton, Charmaine Creighton, John Francis, Delroy Roache, Ted Dwyer, Lloyd Beadle, Val Morris, Donovan Prendergast, Audley Nain, Stan Irons.
Musical Numbers
Act One

Married Again
Happy Day
Bird So Happy
A Woman's Work Is Never Done
Ooman Tory Long
Work Long
Headman's Life
Who Knows
Oh, When Shall We Be Free
Who Laugh Last

Act Two
When I Get My Hands On the Land
When You Gotta, You Gotta
Lawd, Lawd, Lord Anthony
Call Yuh Father Puppa
What A Jubilee