Book by
Gloria Lannaman

Directed by
Yvonne Jones-Brewster

Lyrics & Music by
Gloria Lannaman
Musical Direction by
Camille Lewis

Movement by
Rex Nettleford

Set & Costumes by
Richard Montgomery

Props by
Emma Crooks

Lighting by
George Carter



The Story
Brashana OThe Pantomime is based on the legendary rolling calf, which is a part of Jamaica’s folklore. The belief is that the Rolling Calf is really a ‘duppy’ which takes on this form and has the ability to change if and when necessary into the form of other animals.

Descriptions vary but there are some constant features. The Rolling Calf looks more like a goat in its features, it does not a have horns, and has two glaring eyes that breathe fire. Always has a chain across its back, which accounts for the clang-clang sound that heralds its approach and a tail curving halfway across its back. The Rolling Calf has never been known to hurt a human being except through scaring, but destroys cultivation and usually leaves in its wake various footprints, depending on its particular form.

Sudden and unexplained terror overtakes the quiet community of Belvedere. The farmers are in a quandary as to what or who is causing the destruction of their cultivations, making their animals sick... and even the loveable mule Bathsheeba falls prey to this ‘unknown thing’. It is Sister Cassandra, the warner lady of the village who, in her many trances, discovers what the problem is - Brashana, the rolling calf. But what has angered Brashana? Why is he haunting the community? How to get rid of him? The farmers have to face these problems. They hit upon several plans... and eventually, things are set right and Brashana eases up. But not before several hilarious attempts to deal with the mythical Rolling Calf.

The story is contemporary - and our audiences will recognise immediately the personalities, situations and topical references.


Cast of Characters
Becky Beckford: Pauline Stone/ Marjorie Whylie
Eustace Barker
: Ranny Williams/ Charles Hyatt
Whilel Watson:
Cyrene Tomlinson/
Cheryl Ryman
Sister Cassandra:
Inez Hibbert/ Eleanor Wint
Bibi Beckford:
Fae Ellington/ Gabrielle Harban
Jacko: Trevor Nairne/Winston McAnuff
Delcita Williams: Angela Norman
Millie Morgan: Charmaine Creighton
Mopsie Mollison: Paula Johnson
Sadie Samuels: Martha Thompson
Joycie Bernard: Vivienne Dewdney
Bernice Collins: Sonya Francis
Myrtle Davis: Rita Marley
Percella Gordon: Dorothy Cunningham
Keturah Myers: Novlette Irons
Gersham Smith: Ted Dwyer
Keziah Bailey (Shut Pan): Stan Irons
Frank Dingle: Audley Nain
Dolphus Chambers (Mus-Mus) : Delroy Roache
Johnnie Lewis: Vernon Derby
Kermit Maxwell: Donovan Prendergast
Moxie Mason: Fitz Weir
Amos Harriott: Edmund Carter
Percy Thomas: Turnell McCormack
Ranny Baker: Michael Binns
Musical Numbers
Act One

If It Wasn't For Us
When You Come Into Your Kingdom
Don't Mine Miss Whilel
Belvedere River Goin' Dry
A Big Strong Man

Oh Miss Whilemina!
I Love You So
Mus' Be De Pestilence
Shh, Shh, Shh

Act Two
It Mus Be Done By We
The Yard Guard Declares A State Of Emergency
Put down the Su-su and the Cuss Cuss
Brashana and the Helicrafter
Welcome Home
Dow Shalt Not Eat

Herman Marquis:Alto/Tenor
Joe McCormack: Trombone

Steve Golding: Guitar
Lloyd Mason: Bass/Flute
Terrence Lawrence: Drums
Noel Seale: Percussion/Congera
Camille Lewis: Piano