Book by
Gloria Lannaman

Directed by
Bari Johnson

Lyrics by
Gloria Lannaman

Music by
Grub Cooper

Movement by
Jackie Guy

Set & Costumes by
Henry Muttoo, Helen Tomlinson & Eugene Williams

Props by
Emma Crooks

Lighting by
George Carter



The Story
Tantaloo!Strange things occur during an election campaign to choose a leader to represent the country village of Tantaloo at the Council. Miss Euphoria and Fergie are the two contenders who are vying for the position, and as the competition heats up, the village is being bitterly divided between them. Caught up in the confusion are the young lovers Lorenzo, Fergie's son, and Angelita, Euphoria's daughter. The parents are determined that their children should be separated.

The villagers are also convinced that all the bad things that have been happening in the village are caused by Old Hige who has recently moved into Tantaloo. Anancy, spotting a chance to get the upper hand offers a solution, whoever gets rid of Old Hige will go on to be the representative on the Council

On the way to capture Old Hige, the villagers come across two strange creatures. Fergie, Euphoria and Anancy begin to make plans as to how best to exploit the aliens to their own advantage. In a struggle to get the upper hand they are transported in time to Tantaloo in the future. Their little village has changed, although it has become a rich and powerful place - it is inhabited by women robots - not a man in sight. With Anancy's involvement trouble soon springs up and the three are transported back to the present with new knowledge that their quarelling will result in serious consequences.

Fergie and Euphoria make their peace and convince the villagers that the bad things happening are manifestations of the villagers wicked behaviour. Old Hige is released, and the creatures who had come to collect their long lost relative - Old Hige - leave her to enjoy the wonderful village of Tantaloo.

Cast of Characters
Anancy: Volier Johnson/Ted Dwyer
Old Hige: Leonie Forbes-Harvey/
Dorothy Cunningham
Fergie: Fitz Weir/Karl Binger
Euphoria: Joan Hutchinson/Pauline Stone
Lorenzo: Paul Campbell/David Ellis
Angelita: Jassette Forbes/Anthea Seaman
Jemima: Mavis Campbell/Dahlia Morrison
Nessa: Marcia Brown/Halcyone Samms
Harry: David Williams/Desmond Stewart
Mildred: Pamela Bennett/Ellen Ellis
Hazel: Deon Silvera/Andrea Oliver
Joycie: Barbara Grant/Ann-Marie Fuller
Mavis: Sonia Martin/Phyllis Barnes
Louise: Sandra Campbell/Virginia Waite
Rupert: Aston Cooke/Franchot Henry

Yellow Men: Paul Courtney McKenzie
Kenneth Fennell/Delroy Rose

Spacemen: Michael Johnson/Colin Anglin, Raymond Thompson

Virginia Waite, Marie Minto, Iris Hoo Fah, Claudia Josephs, Patricia Taylor, Barbara Grant, Dahlia Morrison, Delroy Rose
Musical Numbers
Act One

Rise and Shine
Ole Hige's Song
C B.I.
Cauldron Chant/Song
Don't Make it Love
Ole Hige Chant on the Run
Tantaloo Councilman
Love Chant
Touching Each Other
Ole Hige Chant
Get The Rope
We Yellow And We Love It
Who You Be?

Act Two
Who You Be?
Ole Hige Chant
Gentle Sweet Exhilaration
Make Your Choice
Power's de Ting
AHA! Mr. Spider
Tantaloo 2082
What a Lesson

Grub Cooper - Leader
Christopher Sterling - Piano
Willy Brackenbridge - Trumpet
Trombone - Calvin Cameron
Vincent Hawthorne/Dennis Holloway - Saxophone/ Oboe
Sherrod Holness/Everton Smith - Guitar
Larry Wollery/ Keith Swaby - Bass
Glenroy Plummer/Robert Stewart - Drums (Traps)
Billy Lawrence - Drums (Percussion)