Book and Lyrics by
Barbara Gloudon

Directed by
Brian Heap

Music by
Grub Cooper and Noel Dexter

Set by
Denise Forbes

Costumes by
Anya Gloudon

Props by
Symonne Coombs

Movement by
Rex Nettleford with George Howard and Milton Sterling

Lighting by
George Carter and Michael McDonald



The Story

Schoolers 2
Based on 1989/90 LTM National Pantomime “Schoolers”

Hattipha College for Boys, with Mr. Dryer as Headmaster, is proud of its record as an institution and its motto Manus Rulus Foreveramus - Man must rule for evermore. The College is in the forefront of the race to win the coveted Channing Cup, emblem of schoolboy supremacy. It means everything to Mr. Dryer and to his deputy, Mr. Washington.

All seems to be going well, until the announcement from the Ministry that Hattipha is to be merged with Sunshine Academy for Girls, whose principal, Miss Chastings, likes to teach although, like all teachers, she suffers from economic hardships, symbolised by her beloved car, Arabella, which stops more than it starts. Mr. Dryer is horrified at the merging of his school with Sunshine, but the schoolers (pupils of both schools) have no problem. They have been “merging” long before this and sing happily “Personus Rulus”, people will rule for evermore.

Mr. Dryer is also concerned that there is someone on the school grounds who is selling drugs to his pupils, drugs disguised as sweets (Happiness Tonic). But he does not suspect Papacita, the school handyman whose motto is “Money Me Love”. Papacita tries to control everything, including Miss Dorcas, who is a vendor at the Sunshine school gate and whom he has invited to join him in business. She resists.

Meanwhile, following an agreement with John Crow who has entrepreneurial ambitions, Papacita begins to sell Happiness Tonic which bring no happiness and is no tonic. When students begin to suffer from its effects, it is time for the adults to move against Papacita. But they are captured by John Crow. Football stars Ragga and Richie, go in search of the adults and are victorious in a fight against John Crow. By the time the boys get back, the Channing Cup match is underway with Judy and Sophia - trained by the boys - on the field. The boys join them and victory attained. Papacita repents of his foolishness. And Mr Dryer and Miss Chastings? Well that’s another story.

Cast of Characters

Mr Dryer: Canute Lawrence/Donovan Miller
Ms Chastings: Ericka Wilson/Delrose Burke
Papacita: . Michael Nicholson/Colin Anglin
Miss Dorcas: Doreen King/Barbara Johnson
Mr. Washington: Melward Morris/
Donald Anderson
Sophia: Hortense Smikle/Sonia Samuels
Judy: Jacqueline Higgins/Petrona Levy
Richie: Kevin Roach/Oliver Gordon
Ragga: Jerry Eastwood/Oliver Gordon
John Crow: George Howard/Milton Sterling

Schoolers: Carlton Butler, Michael Brown, Michael Dawkins, Garfield Mignott, Laura Smith, Doreen Thompson, Garfield Walker, Jo-Ann White.
Musical Numbers
Act 1
Football Fever*
Schoolers Rap**
Money Me Love**
Fraid fe Eye*
Manus Rulus*
Dryer’s Lament*
Going To The Mall**
Sunshine Anthem*
I Like To Be A Teacher*
Glad Yu Come Over**

Act 2
Rulus Personus*
To Drugs We Will Say No*
Want Me House**
Hear Seh*
Don’t Mess Wid We Life**
Captured By a Crow**
People of Tomorrow*
* Composed by Dexter
** Composed by Cooper

Calvin Cameron – Leader/ Trombone Pat Roxborough – Keyboard
Christopher Harvey – Piano
David Sanderson – Guitar
Arthur Gosling – Bass
Calvin Mitchell – Percussion
Ferdinand Banton – Drums