Book by
Barbara Gloudon
developed from a concept by Owen Ellis with Michael Nicholson

Directed by
Brian Heap

Lyrics by
Barbara Gloudon,

Grub Cooper &
Noel Dexter

Music by
Grub Cooper &

Noel Dexter

Set by
Lauriston Watson

Costumes by
Patrick Waldemar

Movement by
Rex Nettleford with

George Howard &
Erald Waysome

Lighting by
George Carter



The Story
Hattipha College for Boys, with Mr. Dryer as Headmaster, is proud of the school motto: Manus Rulus Foreveramus - Man must rule for evermore. The College is in the forefront


of the race to win the coveted Channing Cup, emblem of Schoolboy supremacy. It means everything to Mr. Dryer and to his deputy, Mr. Washington.

All seems to be going well, until the announcement from the Ministry that Hattipha is to be merged with the Sunshine Academy for Girls, whose principal, Miss Chastings, likes to teach although, like all teachers, she suffers from economic hardships, symbolised by her beloved car, Arabella, which stops more than it starts. Mr. Dryer is horrified at the merging of his school with Sunshine, but the schoolers (pupils of both schools) have no problem. They have been "merging" long before this. Mr. Dryer is also concerned that there is someone on the school grounds that is selling drugs to his pupils, drugs disguised as sweets (Happiness Tonic). But he does not suspect Papacita, the school handyman whose motto is "Papacita at the control." Papacita tries to control everything, including Miss Dorcas, who is a vendor at the school gate and whom he has invited to join him in business.

All goes well for a while until Miss Dorcas begins to have her suspicions. To make matters worse, just before the final play off for the Channing Cup, the Hattipha star forwards, Ragga and Richie, cannot be found. Should Sophia and Judy play in their place? The girls have been coached in the game, despite Mr. Dryer's orders that no girl should play football. "Story come to bump" as we say in the Jamaican tradition. The search for Ragga and Richie turns up some unexpected residents in Papacita's house. Ragga and Richie are found, but before they can get to the football field, Sophia and Judy are in the game.

Mr. Dryer is horrified, but Hattipha wins the Channing Cup. Papacita, who has been unmasked, has to say he is sorry for his wrongdoing. He is forgiven. The lesson is learned and, all ends well..

Cast of Characters
Miss Dorcas: Dorothy Cunningham/ Elizabeth Brown
Mr. Dryer: Bari Johnson / Lenford Salmon
Papacita: Michael Nicholson / Volier Johnson
Mr. Washington: Kevin Sinclair / Christopher Bennett
Miss Chastings: Ivy Mcpherson / Janette Williams
Richie: Luke Williams/ Desmond Moulton
Ragga: Robert Clarke /Melward Morris
Sophia: Iris Salmon / Jacqueline Higgins
Judy: Janice Ward / Tulip Reid
Cheesetrix: Ereitha Huffstead/ Jacqueline Higgins

Other Schoolers: Carolyn Allen, Yvonne Ashley, Paulette Beckford, Roland Brammer, Delrose Burke, Terry Ann Clarkson, Marcia Fraser, George Howard, Canute Lawrence, Donna Lebert, Jeanette McKenzie, Michael Pinnock, Delton Thaxter, Erald Waysome.
Musical Numbers
Act One

Football Fever
Schoolers Rap
Papacita at the Control
I Like to Be a Teacher
Manus Rulus Forevelamus
Glad you come over

Act Two
Personus Rulus
To Drugs We Will Say No
Hear Sey
Don't Mess Wid We Life, Papacita
Music for John Crow
People of Tomorrow

Kathy Barrett - Leader/ Piano
Samuel Grant - Trumpet
Evrol Wray - Trumpet
Maurice Grey - Saxophone
Raymond Allen - Clarinet
Richard Williams - Guitar
Oral Thorpe - Bass
Durval Williams - Percussion
Wayne Bailey - Traps