Book by
Barbara Gloudon

Lyrics by
Barbara Gloudon and Grub Cooper

Music by
Grub Cooper

Set by
Denise Forbes

Costumes by
Anya Gloudon

Props by
Symonne Coombs

Movement by
Rex Nettleford

Lighting by
George Carter


1993/94 LTM National Pantomime

The Story

Anansi Come Back

Bredda Anansi has been in "Foreign" for the longest while. Since he's away, the community of Yam Hill led by Mrs Jestina Mandora, flourishes, growing good yams for local use and export. In the adjacent community of Coco Bump, where the people do not like o work but would rather "chuck garbage" Bredda Tacoma, Anansi's old sporting partner, is the Mayor. When Anansi comes home, accompanied by his son Peabo, (a cricket fanatic) they take up residence in Coco Bump with Tacoma, his wife and daughter Tigromatic who soon sets her cap for Peabo.

Anansi comes back to find no good yam in Coco Bump so he issues Mrs Mandora three challenges - all aimed at getting hold of the Yam Hill crop. Being Anansi, he cannot help resorting to "trickifie" and "samfie" to win. So strange things begin to happen.

At the annual Yam Festival, where Yam Hill has always been the winner, Jenny Mandora tipped to be the queen of the Yam Festival, loses to Tigromatic. The contest for Best Yam, another expected walk-over for yam Hill, is lost to Coco Bump. The final event - a grand cricket match - is the last chance for Yam Hill to regain its glory, under the captaincy of Cunny Moore. Anansi is set to fix that too - until the Yam Spirit, whom he has betrayed, decides to take a hand.

Anansi is caught out, tried and makes a run for the housetop "where Spider belong". But being Anansi, he returns in time to say sorry and dance in the Big Ritual to celebrate another bountiful Yam Harvest where surprising things happen once again.

Cast of Characters
Anansi: Michael Nicholson/ George Howard

Jestina Mandora: Dorothy Cunningham/
Elizabeth Brown-James

Bredda Tacoma: Colin Anglin/ Recordo Redwood
Mrs. Tacoma: Jennifer Douglas/
Ivy McPherson
Jenny Mandora: Hortense Smikle/ Sherrie Edwards

Cunny Moore: Oliver Gordon/ Kevin Roach
Peabo: Desmond Moulton/ Melward Morris
Tigromatic: Donna Lebert/ Barbara Johnson
Miss P: Faith Bucknor/ Halcyone Samms
Teacher Thomas: Carlton Butler/ Junior Miller
Titlyn: Sonia Samuels/ Valerie Marks
Yam Spirit: Doreen King/ Scheol Miller

In supporting roles: Jacqui Higgins, Canute Lawrence, Petrona Levy, Glenroy Samules, Suzanne Beadle, Jerry Eastwood
Musical Numbers
Act 1
Dreaming of a New Jamaica
Yam Hill Anthem
Plant De Yam
Mrs. Tacoma's Menu
We Wuk Fe Live
Inna Coco Bump
Going Over Deh

Act 2
Yam Festival Time
Coco Bump Princess
Press Along Yam Hill
Yam Hill A Go Beat Coco Bump
How D o You Plead Anansi


Calvin Cameron - Leader/ Trombone
Pat Roxborough - Keyboard
Christopher Harvey - Piano
David Sanderson - Bass Guitar
Glenroy Samuels - Guitar
Everton Baker - Percussion