Adapted by
Ranny Williams

Directed by
Greta Bourke

Music by
Major R.G. Jones

Costumes by

Edith Grunhut

Choreography by
Hazel Doran

Lighting by
George Carter



The Story
"The morning is shining, the wind is set fair, not a cloud in the sky and a tang in the air, the ship's spic and span and the cargo's inside, and we'll put out to sea on the evening tide". Sailors of the Saucy Sally are set to go to sea with their pirate captain Will Atkins. But before they set off - Will is determined to get a treasure map from young Robinson Crusoe - by any means. He entices Robbie to sail with him to the Caribbean, and to keep the upperhand, Will abducts Robinson's girlfriend Polly to use as a bargaining tool. Joining the sailors is Mrs. Crusoe and Robbie's younger brother Billy.

At sea, Robinson discovers the abducted Polly and as a fight breaks out, a storm blows in. The ship goes down carrying Robinson with it. In the swirling deep waters, Robinson is saved by Aphrodite and makes it to land. The island on which Robinson finds himself is a habitable spot - he has found company with Toto the monkey, Polly the parrot, a goat, a dog and two cats. Just as things begin to get boring, a party of cannibals comes ashore carrying their dinner - Robinson scares them off with his gun and the cannibal's dinner becomes his good friend Friday. In short order Billy and Mrs. Crusoe steer their raft onto Robinson's island and they bring news that Will Atkins is also on the island with Polly as his captive.

The reunited Crusoe family with the rescued Polly, set off to reclaim the lost treasure from the Ruined Temple on the other side of the island. Just as the fearless five make their way to the temple, Will Atkins appears again and just as he is about to steal the gold, Friday saves the day, and gives Robinson the upper hand. They are all saved when an English ship pulls to shore, ready to take them back home to England.

Cast of Characters
Davy Jones: Bobby Lee
Aphrodite: Betty Ling
Will Atkins: Clinton Nunes
Bosun: T ony Ford
Mate: Geoffrey Ling
Billy Crusoe: Easton Lee
Polly Perkins: Rosemary McDonald
Robinson Crusoe: Margaret Hirst
Mrs. Crusoe: Tony Watson
Toto: Charles Hyatt
Friday: Ranny Williams
Cannibal Chief: Delroy Mendes
English Captain: Michael Kimmins
Cannibals: Manley Black, Neville Hamilton, Harold Johnson, Bobby Lee, Dennis Neil, Neville Tinglin

Chorus: Lee Binns, Doreen Bygrave, Elaine Bygrave, Beverly Charlton, Hazel Doran, Marjorie Dunlop, Cecile Mair, Joyce Meeks, Margaret Musson, Peggy Redsaw, Jeanette Royes, Dorothy Phillips, Dorothy Sommerville, Joyce Sommerville, Manley Black, Michael Doran, Peter Doran, Russel Earle, Neville Hamilton, Harold Johnson, Stuart Lacey, Bobby Lee, Edward Nash, Dennis Neil, Raymond Rousseau, Neville Tingling, Derrick Wong