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• Story • Artistic Team • Cast

The Story
Princess Baldroubadour has come of age and the Emperor and Empress of Pekin have sent word that all eligible men of worth are invited to try and win her hand. Many Princes of far away lands offer her fame and fortune but it is the heartfelt plea of Aladdin that wins the princess over. But alas, Aladdin is but a poor lad with no riches or glory. Fate steps in when Aladdin's uncle Abanazar offers to give him great riches if he accompanies him on a hunt for treasure.

Aladin and his mother - the Widow Twankey, follow Abanazar to a hidden cave wherein lies many jewels and bags of gold. Abanazar is only interested in an old lamp but Aladdin is overcome by all the riches. Abanazar, in a huff seals the cave and disappears leaving Aladdin trapped inside. Aladdin comes across the lamp, rubs it and the Slave of the Lamp appears. With his help, Aladdin is transported back to Pekin with all his riches.

Aladdin attends the Emperor's court and brings forth his riches. Baldroubadour and Aladdin are engaged and surely a happy life is before them. But Abanazar appears and spirits the palace away! Aladdin engages the Slave of the Lamp to return things to normal and in short order the wedding is back on.

Technical & Artistic Team
Maurice Harty
Script writers:
Michael Wickers, Ranny Williams
Musical Director:
Major Jones, Easton Soutar
Stage Design & Decor:
Eugene Kelly
Miss Grunhut
Ivy Baxter; Mrs Cophelt
Winnifred Doran assisted by Marjorie Dunlop
Eric Rumsey, Michael Yapp

Cast of Characters

Fairy Dewdrop: Doris Duperly
Abanazar: Clinton Nunes
Police Woman: Tony Ford
Tate: Charles Hyatt
Lyle: Delroy Mendez
Aladdin: Felicity Palliser
Widow Twankey: Mary Sturdy
Mayor: Lee Gordon
Lady Lotus Blossom: Winnifred Doran
Willie-Willie-Izat: Bobby Lee
Fudgeman: Eddie Thomas
Grand Vizier: Ranny Williams
Court Herald: Edward Nash
Emperor of Pekin: Tony Watson
Empress of Pekin: Roma Presano
Baldroubadour (the Princess): Shirley Wood
Prince Pekoe (Son of the Grand Vixier): Michael Wickers
Hassan the Huge: George Chang
Itti Sing: Estelle Weisz
The Horse: Bobby Lee & Ronnie Suarez
Executioner: Bobby Lee
Slave of the Ring: Hazel Doran
Slave of the Lamp: Eric Coverly
Pages: Joan Duperly & Rosalie Hart

Chorus: Peggy Redshaw, Monica Sernorine, Winnifred Doran, Marjorie Dunlop, Peggy Soares, Joyce Meeks, Margaret Muson, Joyce Barham, Shirley Croskery, Lee BInns, Anita de Beer, Margaret Duperly, Joyce Somerville, Khara Espeut, Helen Debue, Ronnie Suarez, Michael Doran, Derrick Wong, Eddie Thomas, George Chang, Keith Forbes, Earl Delfosse, Tony Ford, Karl McDonald, Vivian Hamilton, Edward Nash, Jimmie Myers