Adapted by
Micky Hendricks

Directed by
Noel Vaz

Music by
the Jamaica Military Band,
Directed by
Major R.G. Jones

Designed by
Jean Dougall

Choreographed by
Anatoly Soohih



The Story
Once upon a time in the land of Morraine, there lived a handsome Prince, he did all the things a Prince should do and one of the royal duties was the crowning of the Beauty Queen. That year the contest was won by Beauty, the daughter of a local merchant. Beauty was not only pretty she was a very nice young lady too - the same couldn't be said of her two sisters Grease and Spray. But back to the love story, Prince Florian soon fell head over heels in love with Beauty, and she with him. But their love was put in jeopardy by the wicked Witch. Many years ago, Prince Florian's father had banned her from Morraine and the Prince had upheld that ban. The Witch cast an evil spell on Prince Florian - she turned him into a beast! But a good Fairy Queen tempered the spell, the Beast would be transformed back to his former self if he found true love.

Chased by the townsfolk, the Beast ran away and went to live in a castle surrounded by beautiful flowers, and there he waited for love. One day, the Beast found a stranger in his garden taking a white rose. The man revealed that he was only taking it as a gift for his beautiful daughter who waited at home for his return. The Beast soon realised that the daughter was his beloved Beauty. He offered the merchant a chance to save his life - but only if he sent Beauty to stay with him in the castle. The poor merchant returned to Morriane and told Beauty of his promise to the Beast. Beauty so loved her father that she went to stay with the Beast, although all the while she worried about the missing Prince Florian.

For many years, the Beast and Beauty stayed at the castle, and despite his fearsome looks, Beauty soon grew to be very fond of the Beast. But Beauty also missed her family very much and asked the beast if he would allow her to return home for a short visit. She promised she would be back before the next full moon. Beauty made a happy return to her family, but found she missed being with the Beast. Soon enough, the moon grew full and Beauty made her way back to the castle, but her progress was slow. The heartbroken Beast - thinking that Beauty had run away for good, lay in his garden dying from a broken heart. Just in the nick of time, the Fairy Queen transported Beauty into the garden and when she revealed that she indeed loved the Beast he was once again transformed into Prince Florian and they of course - lived happily ever after.

Cast of Characters
Sergeant: Lloyd Hosang
Mayor: Henri Hendriks
Merchant: George Clough
Beauty: Jennifer Bourke
Grease: Bill Blakely
Spray: Clinton Nunes
Ferdinand: Petra Browne
Prince Florian of Morraine: Kay Clayton
Pickles: Nev Campbell
Mopsey: Jean Blake
Topsey: Barbara Blake
Hook O’Crook : Barclay Hosack
Fairy of the Rose: Florence Reid
Ammonia: Doris Duperley
Esmeralda the Cat: Michael Wickers
The Beast: Keith Sasso
The Beast’s Guard: Emile Hamaty
Ranny & Lee: Themselves
Cascara: Louise Bennett

Jennifer Bourke, Gloria Taylor, Mary Thwaites, Cherry Huggins, Barbara Taylor,
Elaine Zaide, Jenny-Lind McIntosh, Anita Newton, Helen Langley, Joyce Francis,
Millie Chinyee, Judith Verity, Carol Kalphat, Maureen Casserley, Ginette Nicolas,
Cecilia Innes, Margaret Cover, Carol Issa, Sheila Desnoes, Thelma Verity, Mary Thwaites.