Written by
Louise Bennett and
Noel Vaz

Directed by
Noel Vaz

Music by
Barbara Ferland

Lyrics by
Orford St. John
Additional lyrics by Louise Bennett and Barbara Ferland
Music al Direction by
Barbara Cover and Major R.G. Jones

Designed by
Gloria Escoffery

Choreography by
Anatoly Soohih



The StoryBlue Beard
Busha Bluebeard is the wealthy owner of Cinnamon Hill Estate, hated and feared by all. Bluebeard has stolen from his neighbours, treated his workers quite shabbily and, there is little difference in his personal life. He has been married several times but his wives never enjoy the comforts of Cinnamon Hill for very long before they meet their untimely demise. Rumour has it he stores his riches in the cellar, but no one, not even Anancy, has been able to get access to the cellar.

The workers on the state are preparing for a "ring-ding" - a celebration of feast and dance. Mr. Crumple the Overseer and his nieces Primrose and Ann arrive in time for the festivities. Jackie, the hero of the village, immediately wins the attention of Primrose but Bluebeard appears and orders Jack off the property. Jack who has been done wrong by Bluebeard, hatches a plan with Anancy to retrieve his family's stolen jewels. During an engagement party for Primrose and Bluebeard, Jack tries to carry out the plan but is captured and taken to jail. With Bluebeard as the judge - it is certain that Jack is doomed.

As the wedding draws near, Primrose is not a happy bride to be, on the advice of Anancy she braves Bluebeard's displeasure and attempts to explore Bluebeard's secret dungeon. Jack, through Anancy's clever plan, escapes from prison - but does not gain his freedom. Once more Anancy comes to his rescue.
Meanwhile, Primrose having gained access to Bluebeard's dungeon sees him as he really is. Primrose is in great danger but Fate is kind and deliverance is at hand. The clouds lift, and romance long delayed has its day as once again Cinnamon Estate, with a new owner and in a new spirit, witnesses a wedding.

Cast of Characters
Miss Sarah: Laura Murray
Miss Clare: Cynthia Leon
Miss Marta: Louise Carter
Sammy: John Elliot
Toby: Vivian Mullings
Jack : Keith Sasso
Primrose: Shirley Wood
Sister Ann: Robert Verity
Mr Crumple: Guy Poolman
Nana Lou : Louise Bennett
Anancy : Ranny Williams
Busha Bluebeard: Harold Brownlow
Reporter: Lee Gordon
Big Tom: Lee Parris
Spirit of the Ganga Garden: Florence Reid
Ganga Nannie: Laura Murray
Sergeant: Leslie Gabbay
Pages: B. Johnson, A. Johnson, C. Minott, C. Phillips

The Chorus:
Winifred Doran, Marjorie Dunlop, Ingrid Cobb, Cynthia Lee, Alma Hylton,
Monica Whyte, Linda Kennedy, Gloria Harris, Enid Goode, Constance McDonald,
Xebbia Ellington, Sydney Matcham, Leila Beckett, Dorothy Lumsden, Millie Smith,
Sybil Bowers, Eda Taylor, Edith Muschette, Polly Webb, Dorritt Bent, George Taylor,
Vivian Mullings, Robert Ghisays, Lloyd Reckord, Horace Forbes, Joel Baker,
Robert Dunbar, Rudolph Dumbar, Ronald Nazralla, Harrington Southwood-Smith,
Simeon Shepherd, L.G. Parris

John Canoes: Leo Fairweather, N. Fairweather, E. Delfosse, J. Forest