Written by
Henry Marshall

Directed by
Henry Lopez and
Micky Hendricks

Music by
the Jamaica Military Band,
Directed by
Major R. G. Jones

Designed by
Angus Grant

Costumes by
Edith Grunhut



The Story
In this version of the classic tale, Cinderella is ruled by her step sisters, Olive Oil and Hydrophobia, who also control their father Baron Hardup, and poor Cinderella is treated shabbily indeed. Elsewhere in the land Prince Charming is envious of his friend Dandini. The Prince wishes that for just one day he could be free of his royal duties and roam the land freely.

The Prince issues a royal order to Dandini, switching places for the day and goes roaming through the woods. At the other end of the wood, Cinderella is collecting firewood. She stumbles across a little old lady also collecting firewood. Being such a sweet and generous lass, Cinderella gives her wood to the old woman and continues looking for more. Prince and Cinderella meet, and of course fall deeply in love. But all too soon Cinderella must return to her home and a new list of demands from her step sisters.

Prince Charming demands that Dandini holds a ball that very night and invite all the maidens of the land so that he may have a chance to see Cinderella again. The invitations are issued but Olive Oil and Hydrophobia tear up Cinderella's invitation so she cannot go. Later that evening fate steps in - the old lady from the forest is actually Cinderella's fairy godmother and through magic Cinderella is transformed and makes it to the ball where the Prince is thrilled to see her again.

As the story goes, midnight draws near and Cinderella runs off leaving her silver slipper behind. A royal search is organised and despite Olive Oil and Hydrophobia's best efforts, Cinderella and the Prince are reunited once again.

Cast of Characters
Cinderella: Cynthia Hendriks
Prince Charming: Florence Reid
Dandini: Petra Browne
Buttons: Clinton Nunes
Olive Oil: Peggy Dougall
Hydrophobia: Doris Duperley
Baron Hardup: Lloyd Ho Sang
Fairy Queen: Margaret Lauder
Demon King: Henry Lopez
Pinch: Ranny Williams
Kissem: Levi Gordon
Ffoulkes: Henri Hendriks
Fotheringay: Michael Wickers
Town Crier: George Clough
Pages: Tony Verity, Desmond Harty

Miriam Howe, Marjorie Dunlop, Dorothy Webb, Norma Lawson,
Edith Muchette, Cynthia Lawrence, Mae Robinson, Pamela Richards, Ruby Feres,
Winifred Doran, Dorothy Curnow, Gloria Vaz, Kitty Lauder, Peggy Gauld,
Geo Malick, Warren Robinson, David Cover, Hal Lawson, Keith Sasso,
Michael Doran, Geo Clough

Mary Thwaites, Anita Newton, Judy Verity, Rosemary McDonald,
Janette Nicholas, Cecilia Innes, Norma Harris, Margaret Duperly, Helen Langley,
Sheila Desnoes, Joan Duperly, Gloria Taylor, Rosalie Levy, Peggy DaCosta,
Jennifer Bourke, Jenny Lind McIntosh, Norman Read