Directed by
Maurice Harty

Music by
Major R.G. Jones

Set by
Angus Grant

Costumes by
Edith Grunhut

Choreography by
Anatoly Soohih and
Barbara Fonseca



The Story
Dick Whittington and his cat arrive in London seeking a bright future. Dick is lucky enough to get a job at Alderman Fitzwarren's shop and is pleased to be working there with the Alderman's daughter Alice. They get along very well together much to the dismay of lazy Jack who has been pursuing Alice for a long time although without success. But Dick's happiness is cut short when two villains frame him for theft. Dick and his cat make their way to the docks and set off to sea, but with the determination to return in glory and splendour one day.

Dick and his cat get a job as a sailor on a ship. While on board he discovers that Alice has followed him on board disguised as a boy. The ship lands in Morocco where they find that the country has been over run with rats led by the dastardly King of the Rats. Dick sends his trusty cat to work and the King of Rats is quickly vanquished. The grateful Emperor of Morocco, agrees to Dick's request to be sole trader with Morocco. Dick and his cat return to London in glory and Alderman Fitzwarren, glad to now have a son in law with money, happily watches Alice become Mrs. Whittington.

Cast of Characters
King Rat: Eric Coverley
Alderman Fitzwarren: Easton Soutar
Alice Fitzwaren: Shirley Wood
Boy: Michael Wickers
Gypsy: Margaret Lauder
Sarah: Eugene Kelly
Idle Jack: Don Maybury
The Captain: Bill Blakeley
The Mate: John Hewitt
Dick Whittington: Florence Reid
Tommy (The Cat): Emile Hamaty
Ballroom Dancers: Doris Rumsey & Peter Hewett
The Emperor: Henry Lopez
Comedians: Lee Gordon & Ranny Williams
Moroccan Guard: Douglas Duncombe
Spanish Dancers: Barbara Fonseca & Tewfick Azan

Chorus: Louise Carter, Yvonne Fraser, Monica Senorine, Diane Gordon-Hay, Marlene Holtz, Barbara Gibson, Dorothy Holtz, Cecile Tulloch, Carmen Azan, Vilma Austin, Maureen Woodriffe, Marjorie Brown, Gladys Murad, Sybil Bowers, Marjorie Marriott, Doris Rumsey, Allison McLaughlin, Eric Rouse, Ronnie Suarez, Khura Espeut, Joyce Meeks, Humphrey Myers, Roy Polack, Tony Watson, James Myers, Peter Green, Peter Myers, Desmond Harty, Tony Verity, Keith Sasso, Keth Forbes, Earl Delfosse