Barbara Gloudon

Grub Cooper

Barbara Gloudon

Movement and Staging
Patrick Earle

Michael Lorde

Anya Gloudon

Symonne Coombs

Michael McDonald

Sylvester Campbell

Stage Management
Larry Watson

Directed by
Robert "Bobby" Clarke























One of the Little Theatre Movement’s most remembered Pantomimes is “Schoolers” which looked at the high schoolers of that generation and the issues which they faced. First staged in1989 and then updated for 1995, the LTM is once again bringing our younger generation, the internet-generation, into focus. The storyline of “Skoolaz” is substantially different for this staging of the 72nd Pantomime but still brings the expected fun and underlying message that LTM productions are known for.

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The story is set in the vicinity of two high-schools – Manus Rulus Academy, an all male school with a long, proud tradition of excellence and the Sunlight Finishing School for Ladies, where girls are ladies and ladies wish they were girls. The Principals and staff of both schools are facing the challenges of today’s youth and are making every effort to turn out worthy students into the wider society. The students have their own way of looking at the world. While some are intent on studying hard and doing their best, there are others who are more interested in socialising and finding an easy path to riches in the near future.
         Watching the students and the school staff are members of the School Gate Vendors Association led by Miss Ina who provide the students with their daily needs, words of encouragement and reminders of the school rules when necessary. Miss Ina is particularly supportive of her adopted Jameeka who would give anything to be admitted into a prestigious school like Sunlight. Her only way in is to study hard and pass a scholarship test which would give her a place at her dream school. While Jameeka is focussed on that goal, Miss Ina’s grand-daughter Platinum, who is indulged by her mother Angela, only dreams of when she will become a world-famous fashion model – studying and homework are an annoyance.
         When a wealthy past student of Manus Rulus Academy gives a monument to his alma mater there is much excitement on the school grounds. It does not escape the attention of a rapping scoundrel Scrappa Rappa, the fastest scrap metal scavenger around. But there is more to the monument than meets the eye and when the story come-to-bump, students, staff and vendors will all have to work together to preserve their schools and keep the traditions of the past intact.

Cast of Characters
Manus Academy:
- Cadine Hall / Kevin Halstead
Deputy - Kevin Halstead/ Derrick Clarke
Headboy - Derrick Clarke / Ronald Millwood
Bookhead - Shama Reid / Donovan Stewart
Manus Boys - Ray Jarrett/Orlando Lawrence, Theran Richardson, Mikail Samuels, Donovan Stewart

Sunlight Academy:
Ms Garden Green
- Sharon Edwards/ Cecelia McCarthy
Miss Konolly -Doreen King / Delrose Burke
- Maxann Stewart-Legg / Juneau Williams
Prudence - Cecelia McCarthy / Maxann Stewart-Legg
Sunlight Girls: Kimree Lyons, Juneau Williams, Donna Hunter-Beckford, Latoya Newman

School Gate Posse:
Miss Ina
- Faith Bucknor / Doreen King
Angela - Nicole Taylor Thompson / Latoya Newman
Jameeka - Debrina Smith / Donna Hunter-Beckford
Miss Neagle - Delrose Burke / Kimree Lyons
Pinkie - Nicke Hutchinson / Yanaque Berlin
Guardie - Yanaque Berlin / Latoya Newman

Scrappa Rappa - Orlando Lawrence / Ray Jarrett
Lady RobbanFlee - Latoya Newman / Kimree Lyons

Musical Numbers
Act 1

Haffe go a School
Ready fe Go Again
Skoolaz Chant

Manus Rulus Foreveramus
Scrappa Rappa
Sunlight Girls are we
Watching, Watching
Wha Yuh Fraid Fah?

Act 2

Skoolaz March
Dem Lock We Out
Hail the Day
Manus Nuh Muss-muss

Calvin “Bubbles” Cameron - Leader/Trombone
Joan Phillips- Keyboards
Simone Fletcher - Piano
Kamla Hamilton- Piano
Calvin Mitchell - Percussion
Oneil Clayton- Percussion
Kingsley Boyd - Traps
Cleveland Manderson - Guitar
Jermaine Gordon - Guitar
Trevor Thompson- Bass
David Sanderson - Bass
Jermaine Gordon - Bass