Barbara Gloudon

Calvin Cameron and Jermaine Gordon

Barbara Gloudon

Movement and Staging
Patrick Earle & George Howard

Michael Lorde

Anya Gloudon

Michael McDonald

Sylvester Campbell

Stage Management
Larry Watson

Directed by
Robert "Bobby" Clarke





















LTM National Pantomime 2016/17
"The Upsies and de Downzies Dem"


Upsies and Downzies
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Ginneral Upsie, a retired military man, is the richest man in town. He has gained hiswealth by developing upscale properties such as “The Glades of Trillion Dollar Heights”. His wife Lady Upsie enjoys the luxury lifestyle and frequently jets off to Paris and Milan for shopping.

Their sons, Miguel and Diego, are different in their outlook on life. Diego is happy to do nothing but ride around town in his convertible, while Miguel is focused on getting his degree and contributing to the community around their home.

Not far from the Upsie Mansion is a community known as Ribba to De Bank. The
residents there call themselves Downzies, hard-working and upstanding. Gran-Gran,
the community matriarch often reminds them - “We might nuh have money but we
have we pedigree”. Other residents, from the Mayor and Councillor to the man and
woman, are all in agreement.

Things get serious for the Downzies when news comes, that Ginneral Upsie has plans
to sell and develop Ribba to De Bank. So, when Maya, Gran-Gran's grand-daughter
meets Miguel Upsie, she has no interest in encouraging a friendship, what she is more
concerned with is the possibility of losing her community of the Upsies.

When the Downzies find themselves playing host to Ginneral Upsie and sons in a
meeting to find a solution to the Upsie and Downzie difference of what can be done so
that both sides have a fair deal, who will win and who will lose? How will the situation
be resolved? Is it true, as Gran-Gran says, in life, it is sometime coffee, sometimes
tea…and who will get what they believe to be theirs? One thing both sides discover,
“Life nuh easy fe none a we!”

Cast of Characters:
Ginneral Upsie: Kevin Halstead / Ray Jarrett
Lady Upsie: Nicole Taylor-Thompson /Latoya Newman-Morris Gran-Gran: Maxann Stewart Legg/ Faith Bucknor
Maya: Antoinette Perkins / Michaela Brown
Miguel: Ricardo Campbell / Adrian Harris
Diego: Donovan Stewart / Mark Davidson
Rusty Gate: Ray Jarrett / Kevin Halstead
Miss Mac: Faith Bucknor / Maxann Stewart-Legg
Mayor: Jason Williams / Jerry Neal RIchards
Pearline: Janelle Wilson / Latoya Newman-Morris
Runkus: Jahmali Rhoden / Mark Davidson
Chorus: Shawnekay Turner, Ricado Johnson,
Kevin Bloomfield, Fabanelle Williams

Musical Numbers
Act 1

Upsie Way
Downzie Song
Lady at the Bus stop
Ribba to de Bank
Hold de Dawg

Act 2

Our Lady's Back
Whatta Fe Wi

Leader/Trombone: Calvin “Bubbles” Cameron -
Jahvanie Morrison/ Christopher Prince / Raneil Thompson
Drums /Percussion:
Calvin Mitchell /Michael Morgan
Traps: Kingsley Boyd / Alton Bennett
Jermaine Gordon
Trevor Thompso