Barbara Gloudon

Calvin Cameron and Jermaine Gordon

Barbara Gloudon

Movement and Staging
Patrick Earle

Michael Lorde

Anya Gloudon

Michael McDonald

Sylvester Campbell

Stage Management
Larry Watson

Directed by
Robert "Bobby" Clarke





















LTM National Pantomime 2015/16
"Runeesha & the Birds"

Runeesha and Dr Bird
Miss Parrt, Dr Bird and Bald Pate
Taxi stand
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This is the story of a young college athlete named Runeesha who lives in a community at the foot of a high hill. At the top of the hill there is a colony of birds and although the hill is attractive, few persons from the community if ever, have dared to put foot on it. Not only was it very hard to climb, but some people say “Duppy up deh”. Runeesha sees the hill as a challenge and one day she makes it to the top as part of her training regimen to compete at the Trials which will decide the team members who will represent Jah-Mek-Ya at the Big Lympics.
When she arrives at the Bird Nest she meets the colony leader, Doctor Bird, a streamertail humming bird who is a practitioner of medicine and bird-psychology. Other prominent members of the Bird Community are Miss Parrot who is convinced that she is a first class music teacher and that the birds of the colony must sing according to her wishes. Bredda Bald Pate, another colony resident is in constant arguments with Miss Parrot who is not impressed by his wish to be a rastafari, despite his lack of locks. It is his intention to run as politician, keeping his ear to the ground every day- as a good politician would.
Runeesha has the support of her parents Merlene and Sam who have taught her to be brave and to fight for her dreams. One person who is determined to beat Runeesha is another female athlete – Jimbileen who is as sour as her name. Runeesha’s training partner Champ, a fellow college athlete, is there to support as she prepares for the Trials.
When two visiting migrant birds – Ma Cow Bird and Sonny Cow-Bird arrive on vacation from the frozen north, it turns out that there is more to their neighbourly visit than meets the eye. Before long, story come to bump and Runeesha’s chance to run at the Trials is threatened. With the help of her family, the birds and a watchful community, everything is put right and Runeesha is free to run and reach for the skies.

Cast of Characters:
Runeesha: Antonette Perkins/Latoya Newman-Morris Doctor Bird: Adrian Harris/ Derrick Clarke
Bald Pate: Kevin Halstead / Ray Jarrett
Miss Parrot: Cecelia Mccarthy-Reid / Kimree Lyons
Ma Cow Bird: Faith Bucknor / Cecelia McCarthy-Reid

Sonny Cow Bird: Jason Williams / Mark Davidson
Jimbilin: Yenique Hines / Latoya Newman-Morris
Champ: Shama Reid / Jason Williams
Sam: Ray Jarret / Jerry-Neal Richards
Merlene: Nicole Taylor-Thompson / Maxann Stewart-Legg Percy Peacock: Donovan Stewart/Derrick Clarke
Supporting Characters:
Sharon Edwards-Francis, Maxann Stewart-Legg,
Chris-Ann Sutherland, Fabenelle Williams

Musical Numbers
Act 1

Morning in Bird Land
We Can Sing
Cowbird Way
Tiefin Tief

Act 2

Evening in Bird Land
Eveling Time
Bird Dance
We Deh Pon Yuh Side
Gwaan Runeesha

Calvin “Bubbles” Cameron - Leader/Trombone
Kevaun Williams- Keyboards
Jahvanie Morrison/Christopher Prince- Piano
Calvin Mitchell/Michael Morgan - Percussion
Kingsley Boyd / Alton Bennett - Traps
Jermaine Gordon - Guitar/Bass
Trevor Thompson- Bass