Written by
Cecil Nobrega

Directed by
Rex Nettleford and
Louise Bennett

Lyrics by
Louise Bennett
Music arranged by
Joe Williams

Set by
Leslie Kadleigh and
Ken Storey

Costumes by
Winnie Risden

Choreography by
Rex Nettleford

Props by
Joyce Gordon

Lighting by
George Carter



The Story
The market of Chief Town comes alive with several vendors including Benjy the jeweller and his apprentice "Dreaming Derek". A famed jeweller in the market Benjy's work is in demand and Charles Poulette, a rich dandy has come to have a gold filigree wedding ring made for his intended bride Rosamund. Derek, strolls through the market meeting friends and other customers and bumps into the beautiful Rosamund. When he finally reaches work Benjy is enraged accusing Derek of time wasting and being lazy. Derek retaliates angrily pointing out that it was his mother who raised Benjy when he was an abandoned child. The quarrel comes to an end with Derek going to seek his fortune elsewhere

Derek joins up with a small band of Pork-knockers. The Pork-knockers mine for gold in the rivers that run through the forest. Over dinner one evening they discuss the legend of King Mambobo. It is said that King Mambobo lives with his daughter in a palace of pure gold. The princess had been bewitched and now everything she touches turns to gold. She is cared for by her grandmother Mantiripia who takes her for a daily bath by a special spot in the river. This special spot is filled with gold nuggets but it is not easy to find and Mantiripia protects the princess with her Magic Twig which freezes any unwanted guest. Derek enchanted by the tale sets out on his way into the depths of the forest in search of Mantiripia and the Magic Twig. Through cunning and wiles he is able to steal the twig and eventually makes his way to the palace of King Mambobo.

Captured by the Palace guards, Derek is hauled before the King. Derek pretends to be a suitor enamoured by the sweet voice of the Princess. Mambobo is incensed at the impertinence of the young man and orders he be thrown in the dungeon. With a twirl of the Magic Twig, Derek makes good his escape and runs into the forest where a glinting piece of gold catches his eye.

Back in Chief Town, there is great excitement as news of Derek's large gold find is in all the newspapers. Derek returns to Chief Town to a warm welcome, and pledges his love for Rosamund. Rosamund's father, happy to be rid of the pompous Poulette, has no objections as a wedding takes place

Cast of Characters
Derek: Franklyn St. Juste
Rosamund: Judy Willoughby
Barry: Ranny Williams
Cookmissi: Louise Bennett
Benjy:Tony Henry
Clara: Carmen Manley/ Alma Hylton
Charles Poulette: Charles Hyatt
Mantiripia: Alma Hylton
Mambobo./ Father: Tony Ableton
Palace Singer: J oyce Lalor
Nugget Joe: Tony Henry
Quartzstone: Cardiff Williams
Diamond Charlie: Oswald Linton
Baby Boss: Ross Russell
In supporting roles: Maud Fuller, Joyce Gordon, G. McGowan, Shirley Davis, Carol Edwards, Cynthia Lumley, Albert Vaughn, Wilford Hemming, Robert Richards, Ashton Andrews, Albert Clarke, Leslie Harris, Percy Gordon

Dancers: Barbara Grant, Monica McGowan, Gertrude Sherwood, Norma Thompson, Babsy Silvera, Maureen Casserly, Audley Butler, Micky Gallimore, Ken Mock-Yen, Cardiff Williams