Barbara Gloudon

Grub Cooper

Barbara Gloudon,

Movement and Staging
Nicky deGrasse Johnson, Alice Berry & George Howard

Michael Lorde

Anya Gloudon

Symonne Coombs

George Carter &
Michael McDonald

Vincent Chin Penn &
Sylvester Campbell

Stage Management
Larry Watson

Directed by
Brian Heap



The Story

Anansi Web
Bredda Anansi decides to expand his empire, with the opening of the Anansi Mall. He hires Praise Singers to proclaim his greatness and all seems well, except for the presence of Mama Sky whose old-time shop is a hindrance to the modern look which Anansi wants for his Mall.

He tries to persuade Mama Sky to sell him the spot, but she refuses. Anansi, being Anansi, will not take no for an answer and so begins a feud between them. Mama Sky is championed by her grand-daughter Rain, just as Anansi has the backative of his wife Mrs. Thursday, their daughter Coo Yah and son Tikyah.

The problem is that Coo Yah is in love with Lydie, a taxi driver of whom Bredda Anansi disapproves but the lovers will not be put off. When Tikyah returns from studies “A Foreign”, it seems as if things will go easier for Anansi, but Tikyah falls in love - with Rain even as Mama Sky stands firm. The affection is not returned. Anansi steps up his campaign to get Mama Sky out of his way. He just might have succeeded but for the fact that Mama Sky finds an ally in a cousin, highly-placed in the political system.

From him she gets a gift - which challenges Anansi’s claim that his web is the only web in the world. The new web changes the balance of power in Anansi Land.

When he tangles with the new web, things do not go well for Anansi. Even the Praise Singers “gwan funny”. Eventually he has to strike a deal with Mama Sky. What with the web and everything, he gives up trying to separate Coo Yah and Lydie. As for lovesick Tikyah, that is another matter. As all things go, the happy ending comes.

Cast of Characters
Mama Sky: Doreen King/Nadean Rawlins
Bredda Anansi: Recordo Redwood/ Livingston White
Mrs Anansi: Laura Smith/Ericka Wilson
Tikyah: Kevin Roach/George Howard
Rain Trecia Guy/Michelle Edwards
Coo Yah: Jacqueline Higgins/ Pauline Woodburn
Lydie: Michael Dawkins/Audley Green
Head Praise Singer: Melward Morris
Asst. Head Singer: Barbara Johnson
Praise Singers: Delrose Burke, Sonia Samuels
Townsfolk: Kevin Halstead, Simone Haughton, Neil Hamaty, Phillip Powell, Lavanna Shorter
Musical Numbers
Act 1

Anansi The Great
I Am Under The Rock
Come Inna Dis
Woman Luck
Weave De Web
Love and Unity
Nah Sing No More
Wai Wai

Act 2
Hearie De News
It Nah Go So
Weave De Web (reprise)
Oh Lydie, Oh Cooyah
Will You Be Mine
Love & Unity (reprise)

Calvin Cameron - Leader/ Trombone
Claude Stephenson - Keyboard
Charmaine Bowman - Piano
Trevor Thompson - Bass Guitar
Calvin Mitchell - Percussion
Paul Mullings - Percussion
Devrowe Clarke - Percussion
Michael Buchanan - Percussion