Directed by
Noel Vaz

Musical Director
Captain R. Jones

Set by
Angus Grant and
Pat Byles

Costumes by
Hugh Morrison
and Edith Grunhut

Joan McCulloch,
Harold Holness

Props by
Mrs. Dudley Doran

Lighting by
Lloyd Lofters



The StoryAnancy & Doumbey
Many have proclaimed that it is the last days for the kingdom, the land is under siege, the crops have dried up, the fisherman's catch has dwindled - there is a blight upon the land. The common consensus is that the people's sins and wicked ways have led to an evil spirit being released on the land. It breathes fire and sounds like rolling thunder it is called Doumbey

Something must be done - the King has to be told of the people's troubles and fears, a delegation must take the concerns to the Cabinet. Mamie Love, a local widow, is chosen as spokesperson and soon the villagers arrive at the palace. The King sends out his Minister for Positive Action Annanias N. Nancy to hear their woes, but getting in the middle of the whole argument is the King's eldest daughter, the rude and obnoxious, Princess Euphemia, the Minister of Beauty Culture. Euphemia is the total opposite to the younger Princess June Rose, an unassuming beauty who loves to wander about the country side unnoticed.

In response to the people's concerns, a royal decree is made - anyone who slays the wicked beast can name their own reward. The first contender, Wild Bill, steps forward and names his price of £5,000. The second contender, Daniel, a politician, demands that if he wins - the King will abdicate the throne, and the land made a Republic, and of course, that he become the President. When no one else steps forward, Mamie Love reluctantly signs up. Her request - that her son Johnathan, a dreaming flute player is made the Minister of Culture. Anancy too, has his sneaky plans to get his own reward.

The contenders head off to find Doumbey and Johnathan, though worried about his mother, helps her prepare to fight Doumbey. He is distracted for a short while by a meeting with a beautiful young stranger (an incognito June Rose) but the lovers' conversation is cut short as Doumbey strikes again

When the mist clears - it is discovered that the King, the Palace and the Ministers have all disappeared. Princess Euphemia declares herself "heiress presumptive to the throne" and plans a concert for the return of the winning contender. Anancy emerges first - declaring victory but his trickery is shown up when once again Doumbey strikes. But this time - Doumbey is vanquished! It is Johnathan's pure heart and love for June Rose that conquers the evil spirit. The palace and its inhabitants reappear and Johnathan is rewarded with the hand of his love and all is well in the end

Cast of Characters
Musical Numbers

Mamie Love: Louise Bennett
Anancy: Ranny Williams
Euphemia (Minister of Beauty Culture): Lois Kelly Barrow
Princess June Rose: Pauline Powell
Johnathan: Geoffrey Frankson
Wild Bill: Winston Tate
Daniel: Stanley Irons
Obie: Arthur Brown
Zeporah: Inez Hibbert
King: Noel Heron
John Crow Jacket: Pauline Stone
Quattie Quattie: Wilfred Barker
Interviewer: Tony Patel
CR: Fitz Weir
Fishhead: Roy Mattos
Eng....................................... Joyce Lalor

The Chorus: Connie Foster, Yvonne Colquhoun, Paula Johnson, Diana McIntyre, Dawn Penn, Jean Rhone, Barbara Kaufman, Claudette Tulloch, Marjorie Salmon, Fern Falconer, Stanley Dawkins, William Duffus, Clifford McKenzie, Weston Haughton, Vincent Douglas, Herbert Morrison, Ragland Roper, Donald Haughton, Ernest Cromwell, Jimmy Davis, Phillip Mendez, Paul Grey, Maurice Wilson, Junior McGlashan, Eric Tello, Colin Anglin, Noel Hall

Act One:
Me Poor Me
Lead, Cangle Light
I Want a Revival
Let Us Now Join In Prayer
I Will Go To The King
Is the Princess
We Come Fe See De King
In My Dreams
Love Is Something Strange
Contestant's Song

Act Two:
Jubilation Dance

I'm the Greatest
Some Men's Strength
I Have A Little Light
Ruggy, Ruggy Road
In My Dreams
Love Is Something Strange

Happy Day
Daniel's Song
Doumbey Dead

Herbert Nelson - Bass

Lloyd Mason - Flute
Flo Wilson, Pete Stewart,
Noel Peck - Violins
Eric Phillips - Drummer
Neville Graham - Clarinet
Carl Messado - Congos
Marjorie Whylie - Piano & Leader