Barbara Gloudon

Grub Cooper

Barbara Gloudon

Movement and Staging
Patrick Earle

Michael Lorde

Anya Gloudon

Symonne Coombs

Michael McDonald

Sylvester Campbell

Stage Management
Larry Watson

Directed by
Robert "Bobby" Clarke



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In Jamma-Land, Independance is coming. The Jamma-land Community Cultural Group, under the leadership of Miss Mac is preparing for the celebrations – but there are distractions. Dreama, a woman who sees things, has a message - Anansi a come! Anansi hasn't been seen in years and no one can remember when last an Anansi story has been told, so no one takes “Mad Dreama” seriously.

Marcus, an ambitious young farmer has big dreams for his farm, but money is tight and his Animulls – Goat, Man Cow and Pig have been behaving badly and it is costing Marcus as he replaces items destroyed by his Animulls. No Menu or Dance poster is safe from the Animulls especially if there is mention of curry goat, barbecue or beef burgers.

Meanwhile, Anansi and his family are living in Farrin as a result of his being exported because of suspicion that he is a don. He’s having a hard time with his shopaholic wife Mrs. Anansi and his quarrelsome son Boothoo (with an aitch) and daughter Yeb-Yeb (with a phone). Furthermore, Anansi is running low on vim, vigour and vitality and the only way to recover is by getting his favourite treat - Goat head soup. So, he decides it is time to go home to Jamma land where that culinary item is available.

The arrival of the Anansi family turns Jamma Land upside down and inside out. How will Goat and the other Animulls keep themselves off the Menu? Will goat keep his head? Can Marcus' get a break from his struggles? Will Jamma Land see a happy Indepen-dance? And the biggest question of all, will Anansi get his goat head soup? Stand by for further announcements.


Cast of Characters
Anansi- Ray Jarett/ Orlando Lawrence
Mrs Anansi - Faith Bucknor/ Sharon Edwards
Boothoo - Ronald Millwood/ Derrick Clarke
Yeb-Yeb -MaxannStewart / Debrina Smith
- Kevin Halstead/ Ronald Milwood
Mancow - Carlton Butler / Clayton Lynch
Pig - Nicole Taylor Thompson / Tanisha Lewis
Miss Mac - Doreen King / Marvette Murphy Davis
Marcus - Cadine Hall / Orlando Lawrence
Rosie - Cecelia McCarthy/ Juneau Williams
Dreama - Yanique Berlin / Marvette Murphy Davis

Supporting Characters: Theran Richardson, Steavon Thomas, Kimree Lyons, Shama Reid, Johnoy William, Angiene Cannigan, Kemar Lee

Musical Numbers
Act 1

Independance a Come
Anansi Come, Anansi Gp
Animull a Sumaddy-to
We Don't Wanna Go
Pop 'tory
Whatta Lovely Harvest
Anansi Historee
Goat Head Riddim

Act 2

Weh de Bus Deh
Him a Come
Cash for Goat Jingle
What Anansi Want
Independance Come
Finalé: Goat Head Soup

Calvin “Bubbles” Cameron - Leader/Trombone
Joan Phillips- Keyboards
Simone Fletcher - Piano
Kamla- Piano
Calvin Mitchell - Percussion
Oneil Clayton- Percussion
Cleveland Manderson - Guitar
Trevor Thompson- Bass
David Sanderson - Bass
Jermaine Gordon - Bass