Barbara Gloudon

Grub Cooper

Barbara Gloudon,

Movement and Staging
Christopher Walker,
Marlon Simms

Michael Lorde

Anya Gloudon

Symonne Coombs

Michael McDonald

Sylvester Campbell

Stage Management
Larry Watson

Directed by
Bobby Clarke



The Story
royal court of Zu-Zu Macca

In the Kingdom of Zu-Zu Macca, all is not well. Hard times are on the land. The people, led by Miss Matilda and her son Boysie, decide to represent the people in petitioning King Zu Zu who lives in his palace with Queen Peppermint, Princess Roses Flowers and Prince Mahoe.

The Queen is sympathetic to the people’s plight. The King however needs some enlightening. Then word comes of the invasion by the Duke and Duchess of Cubbitch, who have come to claim a debt incurred, they say, by King Zu-Zu’s ancestor.

Can the debt be paid? What will the Cubbitch do to Zu-Zu Macca? It is of concern to everyone and as in all “village life,” there are those who have hopes for a brighter tomorrow and those who doubt that any good can come of it. Talk keeps circulating about a place of the White Crocodile and a Pearl of Great Price. If found, would these help Zu-Zu Macca in its time of trouble?
Queen Peppermint drafts her husband the King and their two time- wasting children to go on the search along with the good Matilda and her son Boysie. What do they find? What is the connection to Pearl, an old woman who nobody except Miss Matilda, pays any mind?

In the end, Zu-Zu Macca faces it destiny. A solution is found, although some are not so pleased. However, as is customary - things end happily for Zu-Zu Macca


Cast of Characters
King ZuZu: Carlton Butler/ Melward Morris
Queen Peppermint: Nadean Rawlins/ Doreen King
Princess Roses Flowers: Sheneen Dalhouse/ Marsha Watson
Prince Mahoe: Ronald Millwood/ Roger Thomas
Matilda: Faith Bucknor/Doreen King
Boysie: Cadine Hall/Kevin Halstead
Duke of Cubbitch: George Howard/ Carl Samuels
Duchess of Cubbitch: Doreen King/ Nicole Williams
Bawlie Out: Kevin Roach/ Carl Samuels
Puppalick: Ray Jarrett/ Roger Thomas
Sojah Sistah: Tamara Campbell/ Marvette Murphy
Taata: Donovan Watkiss/ Carlton Butler
Mass Joe: Melward Morris/ Carl Samuels
Bernice: Kathy Grant/ Delrose Burke
Cissy: Nicole Williams/ Nadean Rawlins
John: Clayton Lynch/ Ray Jarrett
Shaka: Roger Thomas/ Ronald Millwood
Junie: Rushae Watson/ Marvette Murphy
Mrs. T: Jacqueline Higgins/ Marsha Watson
Ole Pearl: Delrose Burke/ Tamara Campbell

Supporting roles - Marvette Murphy-Davis, Pauline Woodbourn, Kara-Lee Cole, Dacoda Mitchell

Musical Numbers
Act 1

Hooray for Zu-Zu- Macca
Zu-Zu-Macca Anthem
Tings Nah Gwaan Good
Something’s Gotta Change
Gwaan Miss Matilda
Look Wha We Live Fe See
The King’s Time
Wha Him A Go Tell We Now?
Pay De Price
Pay Fe Pass

Act 11

Cubbitch at We Door
What a Gwaan
Let’s Have a War
Wheel Oh Matilda
Instrumental for
Place of the Crocodile
Tick Tock
Dig Fe Zu-Zu Macca
Hooray for Zu-Zu Macca

Calvin “Bubbles” Cameron - Leader/Trombone
Audley Searchwell - Keyboards
Simone Fletcher - Piano
Kismet Cooper- Piano
Calvin Mitchell - Percussion
Oneil Clayton- Percussion
David Sanderson - Guitar
Arthur Gosling - Bass