Book and Lyrics by
Barbara Gloudon
with additional material
by Trevor Fearon

Directed by
Brian Heap

Music by
Grub Cooper
with additional numbers
by Noel Dexter &
Pluto Shervington

Set by
Michael Lorde

Costumes by
Anya Gloudon

Props by
Symonne Coombs

Movement by
Rex Nettleford and
L’antoinette Stines

Lighting by
George Carter



The Story

Man deh Yah
Man Deh Yah
The people of the village have voted for Em Pee who they have not seen. When the Em Pee arrives , it turns out that He is a She. This Em Pee is all for hard work, pride etc., and to reinforce the point, she presents the village with a gift of a monument in which are two Ancestors and the Crocodile. The monument is installed in a park which should have been called Mandela, but due to a spelling error, ended up as Man Deh Yah. It is good enough reason for a title and motivation for everyone who really believes he is the “Man Deh Yah” or as they say in one of the songs “We run tings round yah”.

What the villagers do not know is the Ancestors and Croc have magic powers. The Croc comes out of the monument and enters into the life of the village. He even offers himself for election against the Em Pee. However his real agenda is to make acquaintance with Miss Vie’s 300 pound Goatie. In time, the Goat disappears and so do the Ancestors, stolen as works of art.

The people have gone too far this time. The ancient Cotton Tree, symbol of prosperity in the village, in a legend known by the Old Timer, dries up. While Miss Vie and daughter Mimsie are looking for Goatie, the trail leads to the Cotton Tree. There, the Ancestors teach the villagers a lesson, in national pride. It will never be forgotten by the old and the young, including the ambitious trio of Gringo, Pasero and Bandelero whose big dream was to have their play - (the Mystical Landing of Combuluh) produced on Broadway.

The Croc, who kept people singing his praise because of his promises, finds that he has been called to give an account of himself too. In proper Pantomime tradition, he and other wrong doers are found out. Justice comes in the nick of time. The Ancestors are returned to their rightful place and all live happily ever after.

Cast of Characters

Old Timer: Lenford Salmon/Luke Williams
Em Pee: Dorothy Cunningham/ Ivy Phillips
Miss Vie: Elizabeth Brown/ Halcyone Samms
Mimsie: Jennifer Douglas/ Ereitha Huffstead
Gringo: Robert Clarke/ Recordo Redwood
Bandelero: Iris Salmon/ Hortense Smikle
Pasero: Melward Morris/ Michael Pinnock
Croc: Michael Nicholson/ George Howard
Ancestor Boy: Canute Lawrence/ Carlton Butler
Ancestor Girl: Doreen King/ Faith Bucknor

In supporting roles: Colin Anglin, Faith Bucknor, Delrose Burke, Jacqueline Higgins, Deborah Hickling, Tchalla Lawrence, Donna Lebert, Desmond Moulton, Milton Sterling, Janice Ward
Musical Numbers
Act 1
Dance Hall
When De Empee Come
Same Like You
Whey Wi a Go Do Wid Dis?
Whey De Empee Deh?
We Want
Ram Goat Liver (Pluto Shervington)
See Him Deh

Act 2
We Run Tings
Fi Wi Ancestors (Noel Dexter)
A Who Tek It?
Goatie Gone
Chant for Heroes
Youths Have Dreams
Finale: Man Deh Yah

Calvin Cameron Leader/ Trombone
Kathy Barret Keyboards
Regnarine Brown Piano
David Sanderson Bass
Paul Green Percussion/Traps