Barbara Gloudon

Artistic Team:
Set & props -
Michael Lord

Kirk Nunes

Anya Gloudon

Patrick Earle

Grub Cooper

Donovan Campbell


The Pantomime Company’s Heritage Series began in 1997 with ‘Augus Mawnin’, which went on to become a much-respected production, highlighting as it did the return of Emancipation Day to the calendar of National Observances. Since then, each summer the Company has consistently staged an Emancipation production.

Act 1 Tribute to freedom fighters who taught us the meaning of freedom – Mr. Nelson Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Rt. Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey. A community group of performers arrive at the National Stadium hoping to catch a glimpse of Mr Mandela during his visit to Jamaica in 1996. Being unable to get inside, they decide to occupy themselves by reciting speeches and singing songs paying respect to the honoured gentlemen.

• Man Deh Yah
(B. Gloudon/G. Cooper)
• Oh Freedom (Traditional)
• Marcus Garvey - Man of Nobility (Ibo Cooper)
Poem: Invictus (W. E. Henley)

The playwright built a foundation on the words of the Freedom Fighters themselves, taken from speeches and personal writings. These are gratefully acknowledged.

Act 2: "Freedom Fe Who" follows a group of newly-freed slaves, tired of the poor treatment they received on the plantation, they strike out to find a home in a free village. Led by Taata the group makes their way to a spot of land where they will begin to really live as freed people. Their travelling is hindered by the Young Busha who is reluctant to accept that slavery has ended. As they struggle to gain acceptance and find their own way, they realise that they must all work together to walk as freed men and women.

• Bright Soul (Traditional)
• All a We a One (Gloudon/Cooper)
• Fire fe Yuh Busha (Gloudon)
• Kumbaya (Traditional)
• Down by the Riverside (revised- Gloudon)
• Hosanna we build we house (Traditional)
• Pay Wi

On stage:
Faith Bucknor, Delrose Burke, Cadine Hall, Kevin Halstead, Barbara Johnson, Nicole Taylor-Thompson, Cecelia McCarthy–Reid, Derrick Clarke, Coldeta McCarthy, Kimree Lyons, Shama Reid, Yanaque Berlin, Maxann Stewart-Legg, Donovan Stewart, Donna Hunter-Beckford, Mikael Samuels

Band: Drums/Percussion: Oneil Clayton/Reuel Phillips, Jovan McPherson
Flute: Gregory Nicholson