Written by
Louise Bennett

Directed by
Maurice Harty

Music and Lyrics by
Robert Lightbourne
Musical Direction by
Mapletoft Poulle

Designed by
Peter Bendell and
Gil Pratley

Choreography by
Eyrik Darby and
May Soohih

Lighting by
George Carter



The Story
Ma deClebba is a very happy woman, news has come that a Prince will be visiting their little village of Hill and Gully in order to guess the secret name of her very own daughter. It was her father's dying wish that only the man who could guess her name would be allowed to marry Beeny (as she is known). The Prince's emissary (or so they think), arrives and sets the village to arranging all the affairs for the Prince's visit. The Mayor, Mayoress and their man hungry daughter Piggy are thrilled at the prestige this will bring their way.

There are also other newcomers to the village. Johnathan Johnson has returned to take up residence in his family's abandoned home and is surprised to find his travelling partner, Anancy, masquerading as an emissary. Johnathan, although taken by Beeny's beauty, finds the "name guessing lottery" to be very old fashioned and tries to convince Beeny that surely she is smart enough to choose her own husband. But Beeny believes is sticking with tradition and doesn't want to let her family down. Since this is the way it must be, they have no choice but to allow the Pirate Chief his chance to guess her name. Of course he is unsuccessful, but being a pirate with no scruples or morals, he kidnaps Beeny .

A search is mounted and this leads to the Pirate's Tavern. Anancy is the first to enter and he makes a deal with the Pirate Chief, if he gives Anancy some of his golden bounty, Anancy will find out Beeny's name and tell the Pirate Chief. Anancy advises the pirates to hide in the old Johnson family home and continues with his plans. Johnathan, in search of Beeny also stumbles into the tavern, but when the search party finds him with Beeny, he is locked up for kidnapping. Johnathan is soon found innocent and released.

The time soon comes when Anancy reveals to the villagers that the Prince has sent a letter with Beeny's name, and to her dismay it is correct. Beeny had hoped that Johnathan would have been the one to guess her name. Anancy carries Beeny to the Pirate Chief, but luckily she is saved by Johnathan, and Ma deClebba gives permission for them to be married in the end.

Cast of Characters
Ma de Clebba: Louise Bennett
Mayor: Lee Gordon
Old Witch Boy: Eyrick Darby
Johnathan: Lloyd Reckord
Anancy: Ranny Williams
Piggy: Charles Hyatt
Mayoress: Dorothy Rowe
Pirate Chief: Eric Coverley
Beeny: Noelle Hill
Mrs. Weather-Forecast: Doris Duperley
Mr. Weather-Forecast: Gilbert Pratley
Mary: Madge Samuels
Gary: David Reid
Jemima: Sheila Kirkcaldy
Captive Maids: Thelma White, Norma Thompson, Sandra Royes, Mavis Lai, Shirley Lindo, Elaine Berkley, Dorothy Cobb

Cinthia McIntosh, Maude Fuller, Althea Lazarus, Barbara Plummer, Claire Watts, Joan Figueroa, Avril Aitken, Carole Lawes, Carole Peterson, Dolores Dale, Lilith Witter, Ionie Staples, Denise Kensington, Rudolph Porter, Arthur Lewis, Fitz Weir, Dudley Adams, Margery Dunlop, Faith Lurch, Leith Patterson, Joan Black, Jean Duncan, June Miller, Joyce Evans, Marsha Thompson, Violet Hall, Carmen Anderson, Audrey Smellie, Lillian Neale, Neville Saulter, Delroy Mendez, Audley Butler, Roy Goulbourne, Bunny Sharp, Herbert Blackwood, Keith Binns

The Frats Quintette - Winston White, Ludlow Dawes, Granville Lindo, Altamont Wilson, Sydney Clarke. And special guest Nancy Hendriks

Thelma White, Sandra Royes, Sheila Henry, Arnold DaCosta, Keith Binns, Clive Thompson, Norma Thompson