Directed by
Brian Heap


Barbara Gloudon

Artistic Team:
Set & props -
Symonne Coombs

Denise Forbes

Anya Gloudon

Nicky deGrasse-Johnson
and Alice Berry

Grub Cooper

Micheal McDonald,
Donovan Campbell


In 1997, Jamaica restored to the national calendar the celebration of First of August,the day of Emancipation. The PantomimeCompany chose the occasion to introduce theatre audiences to a work titled; “AugusMawnin”. Inspired by the vision of BrianHeap, it was a skilfully woven blend ofmusic, poetry, dance and dialogue, drawingon the rich tapestry of Jamaican-Caribbean culture, influenced mainly by the Spirit of Africa.Since the original performance “Augus Mawnin” has been presented not only at the Little-Little Theatre (its home) but in other venues locally and overseas (New York, Ft.Lauderdale & Toronto).

Augus Mawnin

The Story
A group of slaves, eager to hear Freedom Paper read, run away from the plantation to find Augus Mawnin. They stumble upon a hut in the depths of a cane piece where lives Yemojah, an old woman who can tell the story of the ancestors. She gives shelter to the runaways when Backra sojah come in search of them and then together, she and the group decide to have a “set up” (a wake) in anticipation of slavery’s passing.

In the tradition of the ancestors, they pass the time with songs, dance, laughter and sharing of their life experiences. They act out some of their history and the foibles of Backra and Missis, whose lives and theirs were intertwined, in a history as bitter sweet as the cane around them.

Little by little, they move closer to Augus Mawnin, and then they are there… to hear Freedom Paper read. As soon as they hear the word “Free” for which they have waited all their lives, they launch into celebration, drawing upon the rhythms and spirit of their ancestral heritage.

(Credits as at first performance - 1997)

Cast of Characters
Yemojah: Erica Wilson
Fulani: Faith Bucknor
Delmina: Doreen King
Eweh: Delrose Burke
Quackoo: Recordo Redwood
Coobah: Barbara Johnson
Fanti: Richard Cowan
Bessie: Jackie Higgins
Tamas: Kevin Roache
Simit: Livingston White
Uncle Tacky: Melward Morris
Sister Tamah: Laura Smith
Mimba: Nadean Rawlins (also Missis on Horse)
Backra on Horse: Audley Green (also Soldier/ Field Slave)
Annie:Tricia Guy
House Slaves: Pauline Woodburn,
Field Slaves: Michael Dawkins (also soldier), Jerry Eastwood
Drumbago: Calvin Mitchell

Calvin Mitchell – Drums/percussion
Devrowe Clarke and
Paul Mullings – Drums/percussion
Ian Hird – Flute
When Augus Mawnin Come
All a we one
We ancestor dem
Yellow skin gal; Uncle Tacky-oh
Jah is my keeper (Peter Tosh)
Sojah deh come

Ancestor on the Auction Block
(Vera Bell)
August Leaders meeting
(Philip Sherlock)
Annie Pengelley (Lorna Goodison)

When Augus Mawnin Come (reprise)
Tallalili-oh (traditional circa 1807)
Rain oh rain (traditional)
Many Rivers to Cross (Jimmy Cliff)
Maddah de Great Stone (traditional)
Joy Unspeakable (traditional)
Finale Medley: Bruckins, Buru, Jonkonnu

Naygah Bickle (Lorna Goodison)
Construction (Dennis Scott)
Slaves (A.J. Seymour)