Written by
Louise Bennett- Coverley

Directed by
Leonie Forbes and
Keith Amiel

Lyrics by
Louise Bennett and Greta Fowler

Music adapted by
Louise Bennett and Marjorie Whylie

Set by
Donat Bucknor and Michael Crosby

Costumes by
Paul Methuen

Choreography by
Rex Nettleford

Lighting by
George Carter



The StoryAnancy & Pandora
Once upon a time, Makeke, a village woman, had a beautiful little baby, who was named Pandora. On the day of the christening, when Makeke suffered a great loss, she took an oath that she would lock her child away from the sight of all mortal men. So she made a song which was known only to Pandora and herself, so that whenever she returned home she could sing it as a signal to Pandora to open the door.

This went on for eighteen years, and the fame of the lovely Pandora, locked from the sight of all men, became a legend. Letters came from all over the country begging for her hand in marriage, but Makeke refused them all. Among the suitors was the Young Chief, but he too, was refused.

Then Anancy went to the Young Chief and offered to introduce him to Pandora but to do this he had to find out the tune that had to be sung to open Pandora's door. He transformed himself into a spider and hid near Makeke's house in the woods. He listened to the singing and caught the words and tune. But his voices was coarse and Pandora would not open the door to his song. He went to the blacksmith, as advised by the old witch that he met in the canefield, and asked him to drop some hot lead down his throat to make his voice sweet and melodious. Eventually he was able to sing the song, and Pandora, believing it was her mother's voice, opened the door and was caught in Anancy's net and transported to the house of the Young Chief.

Later, Anancy, still exerting his wiles, told Makeke that if she went to the house of the Young Chief and called her daughter's favourite fruit, "Mackafat", she would find her daughter. There was a happy reunion. Makeke retracted her oath and bestowed her blessing on the young couple, and on the invitation of the Young Chief, went to the house to live with them. From that day to this, if there is any trouble in a house where the mother-in-law lives with her son-in-law and daughter, "Anancy cause it."

Cast of Characters
Makeke: Louise Bennett
Tata Webby: Ranny Williams
Widow Barren & Witch: Lois Kelly
Vie Rago: Delroy Mendez
Pandora: Janice Lee
Young Chief: Willard White
Old Lady: Inez Hibbert
Old Man: George Madden
Cudelia: Sybil White
Zachy: Noel Heron
Rufus: Stanley Irons
Zekiah: Roy Mattos
Insurance Salesman: Keith Binns
Rudie: Noel Heron
Servant: Huntley Alston
Professor: Vincent McKie
Horse: Fitz Weir, Oswald Gentles
Blacksmith: Stanley Irons
Tourists: Monica Amiel, Cheryl Ryman, Donna Paul, Beulah Banbury, Barbara Kaufman, Billy Dumont
Guitarist: Franklyn Campbell
Peace Corps Worker: Gillian Binns
Cat: Neil Summers

Dancers: Joye Abrahams, Frederika Byfield, Dorothy Sanguinette, Gertrude Sherwood, Cheryl Ryman, Barbara Kaufman, Carole Miller, Noel Hall, Basil Lopez, Carlton Guy, Neil Summers

Villagers & Singers: Joyce Lalor, Hope Foreman, Paula Johnson, Mabel Miller, Dawn Penn, Arthur Brown, Huntley Alston, Wilfred Barker

Musical Numbers
Act One
Pretty Little Baby
One by One
Poor Jackman, him never come over
Bawl Ooman Bawl
She Faint Weh
The Witch's Song
What Is to Be
Pandora I Love You
What is to be (reprise)
Judy Drownded
This Land is Mine

Act Two
Cane Cutter's Song
Me Fust, Me Fust Smitty
Shoe Tata Horse

Act Three
I found Love
Pinda Boy
I Didn't Know
No, Mah!
Pretty Little Baby (reprise)
I found Love (Reprise)
Bangalang (Reprise)

Bass: Herbert Nelson
Flute: Llloyd Mason
1st Violins: Flo Wilson Pete Stewart
2nd Violin: Noel Peck
Drummer: Eric Phillips
Clarinet: Nevills Graham
Congos: Carl Messado
Piano & Orchestra Leader: Marjorie Whylie